The worst thing that we could do when looking to create change to benefit people worldwide is make assumptions. Not truly understanding or listening to people across all populations has contributed to the current lack of diversity and inclusion. So, as we do our part to put the clinical research industry on the right path, we’ll be guided by genuine insight and in-depth research.


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Ethnic minorities are underrepresented in clinical research and that needs to change. But first, it’s important to understand why this is happening. And where better to start than with speaking to real people across a wide range of cultures and religions to get their thoughts, feelings and experiences?


This report reveals insights from the people themselves, and discusses the starting points for overcoming current challenges.

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Demand diversity literature review


It can only be a good thing to widen our understanding of diversity issues in clinical research. And to do this, we all need to consider the bigger picture. That’s why we’re providing a discussion of the literature on these key areas, just for you:


+  Current position of the pharmaceutical industry

+  Overall views towards the pharmaceutical industry

+  Barriers to healthcare and clinical research

+  The rationale for change, diversity and inclusion


So, if you’re interested in the evidence surrounding diversity in pharma and clinical research, take a look at what we found.


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